PZ's Thinking Routines Tool

Welcome to Project Zero’s Thinking Routines Tool. This tool highlights Thinking Routines developed across a number of research projects at PZ. While Project Zero did not originate the idea of a thinking routine, a vast array of its work has explored the development of thinking, the concept of thinking dispositions, and the many ways routines can be used to support student learning and thinking across age groups, disciplines, ideals, competencies, and student populations. In addition to the initial Visible Thinking research initiative, some of the larger PZ research projects focused on enhancing thinking include Artful Thinking, Cultures of Thinking, Agency by Design, and PZ Connect. Read more about the background of PZ's Visible Thinking project.

When visiting the routine pages you will notice that each routine has a one page overview that can be downloaded. The routine overview describes the purpose of the routine, offers potential applications for the routine, and provides suggestions for its use and tips for getting started. You’ll also note that several of the routines are included in more than one “use bucket” as PZ researchers have explored different applications for those routines. On the bottom of each page, you’ll note the specific research project(s) within which the routine was developed and/or further explored as well as guidance about how to reference the routine and copyright and licensing information. We invite and encourage educators to share their experiences using the routines on social media! Each routine has a #hashtag listed just above the reference information. Jump in and get started!

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