Creativity – or using imagination and critical thinking to generate new ideas of value – has always been valued in human societies as critical for fulfillment and success for individuals, communities, industries, and countries. As our contemporary world grapples with the complex opportunities and challenges of human diversity, technological advancements, environmental sustainability, etc., developing the disposition towards creative problem solving, nuance, imagination and empathy is more pressing than ever. 
The Cultivating Creative & Civic Capacities project is a 3-year research-practice collaboration between the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) and Project Zero-Harvard to investigate and document ways to catalyze young people’s capacities for creative and critical thinking and a sense of community with room for divergent perspectives, and the conditions that promote young people’s curiosity about complex issues, openness to engaging multiple, often divergent, viewpoints, and a sense of social responsibility about actions they may take. 
The PZ team will support CMA’s efforts to build on and extend its Teaching for Creativity framework; to design productive ways of examining the role of creativity in developing civic capacities; and to enhance and track the impact of the framework on teachers.

Project Info

FUNDERS:: Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Battelle