Online (Virtual) Workshops

In 2020, Project Zero launched a new series of live, virtual workshops, designed for educators new to PZ ideas, those whose engagement with PZ concepts is more recent, as well as those well-versed in PZ frameworks. In order to support deeper learning and thinking, each workshop consists of two sessions, usually spaced a few days a part, with a brief activity or reflection that participants complete in between the two sessions. Workshops will support educators working with learners in classrooms or online.  Participants completing the full workshop will earn a certificate that documents the workshop’s professional learning hours.

Events & Institutes

Each year Project Zero hosts one of the most popular professional development institutes at the Harvard Graduate School of Education: The Project Zero Classroom (founded in 1996).  With the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE), Project Zero also convenes international “Project Zero Perspectives” conferences at schools around the world.

Online Courses

Project Zero has designed online courses that makes its research accessible to educators around the world. Courses start throughout the year and focus on the practical application of research-based ideas and strategies in classrooms, schools, and other learning settings. Upon successful course completion, participants earn a certificate that documents the professional development hours completed.