The workshops were highly engaging and motivating. There was a lovely sense of 'global teaching community' created by the organizers, which was reinforced with the values of the course.
- 2021 Sparks Participant

One of the ways we make our research accessible to educators around the world is through providing professional education. These offerings are scheduled at various times throughout the year, research-based, and grounded in the day-to-day work of teachers and administrators. In addition, they are an opportunity for educators to earn professional learning hours. We offer:


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4-5 week learning experiences where students practice implementing new concepts into their teaching and learning environments and receive personalized feedback from a coach and the instructors.

Engage deeply online with Project Zero research. PZ Micro Practicums (PZMP) focus on the practical application of research-based ideas and strategies in classrooms, schools, and other learning settings.

Throughout the learning experiences, participants apply what they learn as they learn, receiving personalized feedback from the instructors, a coach, as well as from fellow participants. Upon successful completion, participants earn a certificate that documents the professional development hours completed.

You may register as either a team or an individual. If you register as an individual you will be placed on a virtual team that you will work with throughout the course.

Enrollment is limited. Practicums may fill prior to the registration deadlines.

Cultures of Thinking in Action

DATE(S): TBD 2022
COST: $249 per individual on teams of 3-5 people. $299 for individuals without a team who will be placed on virtual teams. Late registration: $279 & $329.

During times of change, it is important to lean into our values. Doing so helps us to remain grounded and true to our vision of what a quality education looks and feels like…even as we are buffeted by the unknown forces of change and thrust into new modes of instructional delivery.

Introduction to Maker-Centered Learning: Developing Student Agency & Sensitivity to Design

DATE(S): TBD 2022
COST: $249 per individual on teams of 3-5 people. $299 for individuals without a team who will be placed on virtual teams. Late registration: $279 & $329.

What is maker-centered learning? How can educators of all grade levels and subject areas use this powerful approach to re-engage their students in the kind of deep and sustained learning that develops student agency and a sensitivity to design? This micro practicum (4-week online course) provides an introduction to a set of maker-centered learning strategies and tools developed by Agency by Design, a multi-year Project Zero research initiative.

The Power of Making Thinking Visible

DATE(S): TBD 2022
COST: $249 per individual on teams of 3-5 people. $299 for individuals without a team who will be placed on virtual teams. Late registration: $279 & $329.

Thinking routines have become extremely popular over the last decade and are often recognized as a hallmark of Project Zero practices.  With this popularity and wide-spread use has come the opportunity to look more closely at just what effect thinking routines have on teaching, on learning, and on schooling.  These issues could not have been properly examined when thinking routines were first being introduced almost 15 years ago. Now, however, extensive research and ongoing collaboration with schools have generated new learnings that create the opportunity to take the practices of making thinking visible to the next level.

Six-session online courses where you can explore PZ frameworks for learning and teaching, practice implementing new concepts into your learning environments, collaborate with other inspiring educators, and receive group feedback from course facilitators and a coach.

How do you choose the course that’s right for you? In the video to the right, PZ Director Daniel Wilson explains the key themes of each course and what you can expect.

September 2022
Learning is social. Every day, children and adults learn from and with others, encountering new perspectives, strategies, and ways of thinking. Together, groups can achieve greater perspective and understanding than any individual can alone, but we need tools for sharing thinking and making... Read more
September 2022
We all become more effective as learners when we become aware of our learning processes and learn to manage how we think and learn. Visible Thinking is an approach developed by Project Zero to deepen content learning and to cultivate students’ thinking skills and thinking dispositions. Used by... Read more

Project Zero conferences are 1-5 day learning experiences designed for educators to engage with PZ research and concepts in a variety of formats. Through the artful curating of plenaries, workshops and reflection/study periods, participants have the opportunity to learn about new research, deepen their understanding of PZ concepts, engage in thought-provoking dialogue with other participants from around the world and reflect on how their learnings apply to their own contexts. Conferences are suitable for educators with minimal to extensive experience with PZ ideas and for those coming from any type of learning environment. Certificates of professional learning will be awarded to participants that complete all conference activities. In-person conferences will return in 2022.

Circle of Orange, Blue and Green with conference letters LTMD inside
June 15, 2022
The Learning and Thinking that Make a Difference (LTMD) conference is a one-day, exciting plunge into inspiring ideas and practical tools developed at Harvard's Project Zero and aimed at engaging students in the deep learning and thinking they need to do in order to succeed in and out of school,... Read more
July 21, 2022
Re-energize your practice through inspiring talks, interactive workshops, and thoughtful conversations with colleagues! Join Project Zero researchers and educators from around the world for an exciting day of learning. “Spark” your thinking with . . . Fresh takes on some of PZ's most popular and... Read more