A brief explanation of how PZ works, the types of work that it pursues and how it all began. 

Our First 50 Years

The five distinct period of PZ's nearly 50-year-old history describe an organization that grew up from a few researchers at HGSE to a research center with 30+ employees. Learn more about PZ's past - and where it is today.


 Profiles of all of the Principal Investigators, Project Managers, Researchers and Staff who make PZ work possible.


Hundreds of organizations and individuals have made the projects of PZ possible. This is a comprehensive list of funders who have contributed to PZ work.

Artists in Residence

Each year, PZ hosts several Ed.M. students from HGSE as Artists in Residence. Learn more about this year's Artists in Residence and their work here.


Commonly asked questions and the answers about PZ.