Carrie James is a Research Associate and Principal Investigator at Project Zero (PZ) and a Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A sociologist by training, her research explores young people's digital, moral, and civic lives.
Since arriving at PZ in 2003, Carrie has worked with Howard Gardner and colleagues on the Good Project and co-directed several multi-year initiatives including:
  • The Good Play Project, a MacArthur Foundation-Funded research and educational initiative focused on youth, ethics, and new digital media. 
  • The Good Participation Project: Part of MacArthur’s Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network, this research explores youth civic participation and civic education in the digital age.
  • Digital Dilemmas: In late 2017, Carrie and Emily Weinstein launched Digital Dilemmas, a new research project exploring personal, moral, ethical, and civic dilemmas that surface in digital life.

With Liz Dawes Duraisingh and Shari Tishman, Carrie also co-directs Out of Eden Learn, a global online learning community and educational companion to journalist Paul Salopek’s slow journalism project, the Out of Eden Walk.

Carrie is also a Co-Principal Investigator of Arts as a Civic Commons (ArtC), a collaboration with Independent Schools Victoria (Melbourne, Australia). ArtC will explore the civic dimensions and civc learning opportunities in contemporary visual art.
Carrie’s publications include Disconnected: Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap (The MIT Press, 2014) and numerous articles in journals of media and communication. She is a recurring faculty member for the Project Zero Classroom and the Future of Learning summer institutes. She holds a M.A. (1996) and a Ph.D. (2003) in Sociology from New York University.
You can follow her on Twitter at @carrie_james.