Tina Blythe is the Project Director for Project Zero’s online learning collaboration with the Independent Schools of Victoria. She is part of Project Zero’s online learning development team, developing, facilitating, and assessing Project Zero online professional development courses. She is also the Education Chair of Project Zero’s summer institute, “The Project Zero Classroom,” and Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 
Central to her research and teaching are how to create and sustain learning environments—for students, teachers, and administrators, in both face-to-face and online contexts—that support deep learning, thinking, and understanding.  Collaborative inquiry and the collaborative assessment of student and teacher work are key focuses of her work. 
In addition to her work at Project Zero, Tina serves as education advisor for the Silkroad, an organization founded by cellist Yo-Yo Ma to promote innovation, learning, and cross-cultural understanding through the arts. For twelve years, she was a faculty member and the Director of Faculty Development at the Boston Architectural College. She began her career more than three decades ago as a middle and high school teacher in urban public schools.
A researcher at Project Zero since 1988, Tina has participated in more than a dozen research grants, including: Teaching for Understanding; Practical Intelligence for School; ATLAS Communities (a collaboration with the Coalition of Essential Schools, the School Development Program, and the Educational Development Center); the Massachusetts Schools Network (a collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Education); The Evidence Project; WIDE World Online Learning; Project-based Learning in Afterschools (a collaboration with the New York City Afterschool Program Network); The Creative Classroom (a collaboration with the Disney Development Corporation); Making Learning Visible; and the Storywork Project (a collaboration with the International Storytelling Institute).  
Tina is the co-author of a number of articles and books including Facilitating for Learning: A Guide for Teacher Groups of All Kinds (Teachers College Press, 2015); Looking Together at Student Work, 3rd Ed. (Teachers College Press, 2015); The Facilitator’s Book of Questions (Teachers College Press, 2004); Teaching as Inquiry (Teachers College Press, 2004); and The Teaching for Understanding Guide (Jossey-Bass, 1998; translated into Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, and Georgian).