Resource Summary

I must admit that I had never thought about uses of MI ideas with adult learners who were trying to master the basic literacies....Thanks to the pioneering work of [the authors], and AMI teacher-researchers, we now know that, in capable hands, the idea of multiple intelligences has a generative role to play in the education of adults."From the foreword by Howard Gardner This practical sourcebook includes: MI Basics-providing educators with the basics of MI theory: what it is and how it can inform practice. MI Reflections-looking at the successes and challenges involved in using MI theory in adult education, including an array of activities for exploring MI theory with students. MI-Inspired Instruction-discussing how MI theory can be used to develop learning experiences and instructional strategies that tap into students intelligence strengths. MI-Inspired Lessons-presenting concrete examples of how AMI teachers translated MI theory into lessons and activities for language arts, learning English, writing, reading for meaning, math, science, and more. Discussion Questions for individual and group reflection. Classroom Experiences for trying out ideas in your own settings. ISBN: 978-0807743461