The Next Level Lab focuses on the intersection of cognitive science, neuroscience, and learning sciences to inform approaches to education and workforce development. We mine extant research of promise; conduct research with the potential for high-leverage impact; translate research on learning and the mind for public use; and innovate in the space of technology and learning to develop new visions for what is possible in developing human potential. 
Our work supports a new vision for what learning can be, which we call Next Level Learning. Next Level Learning introduces important shifts in how education and the nature of learning are conceived in contexts for human development. It challenges notions of who learning is for and who is the primary driver. We believe that even current notions of powerful learning fall short of what humans are capable of and of what we know is possible based upon research on learning and the mind.

Project Info

FUNDER: The Next Level Lab was established with funding from Accenture Corporate Citizenship.