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Program Overview

In our increasingly global and digital societies, The Future of Learning Institute at Project Zero gathers dynamic educators from around the world to examine how learning is changing and acquire practical tools to support deep, relevant, and long-lasting learning in a rapidly shifting educational landscape. 
Future of Learning brings together leading scholars in fields such as cognitive and social psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, digital ethics, art, and design whose latest research will help you understand the changing nature of learning in today’s societies. Leading practitioners working in schools, museums, and NGOs will broaden your repertoire of frameworks, resources, and tools to create learning environments for today and tomorrow.
The central theme for this year focuses on nurturing citizenships in global and digital times. Through a combination of plenary sessions, interactive courses, and reflection groups, you will have the opportunity to explore this theme. You will learn about emerging research and practices, and find time to reflect with colleagues from around the world. Ultimately, you will be able to craft an informed personal vision, gather a set of tools suitable to your own professional context, and build a strong international professional network to support you over time.