Today’s employment landscape is turbulent. New technologies, economic trends, and world events have altered the relationships we have with our daily work. Furthermore, the average person can expect to hold many jobs across a lifetime, each of which may well require different ways of thinking and doing. Given these circumstances, employees of all ages need strategies to meet current challenges, adapt to new roles and organizations, and more deeply understand the personal meaning of their work.

Against this backdrop, Project Zero’s Learning Innovations Laboratory and The Good Project have partnered to combine insights related to navigating change in the workplace. With generous support from the Singapore Institute of Management, the team is developing a short reflection-based program focused on a set of techniques and frameworks that enable people to tackle change in the workplace. The project has focused on the concepts of “Unlearning” across the lenses of mindsets, habits, and systems in order for people to achieve “Good Work” that is excellent, engaging, and ethical. Following an initial year and two pilot versions of the course, our team is developing a set of course materials that can be used flexibly with a variety of adult learners.