Globalizing the Classroom is a professional development program for high school and community college educators that will merge the content expertise of the Global Studies Outreach Committee (GSOC) and the Harvard Area Research Centers (HARC, regional and internationally-focused centers and programs at Harvard) with Project Zero’s educational expertise, focusing on the Global Competence framework and drawing on practices and approaches from Making Learning Visible, Teaching for Understanding, and Visible Thinking. This collaboration will be led by a four-day workshop entitled Global Migration in the 21st Century: Understanding How and Why People Move to be held at Harvard in August 2015. This 4-year program, situated within the IdGlobal Project at Project Zero, will also support a group of up to ten Globalizing the Classroom Teacher Fellows through the development of materials and instructional units that: 1) incorporate HARC's content and PZ's frameworks; 2) are pilot tested and documented in the classroom; and 3) will be shared on GSOC’s and Project Zero’s websites for broader dissemination. Working with Project Zero has provided our project with an educational framework upon which we can build our programs. Our staff now have the tools they need to better engage our workshop participants and fellows in a dialogue about the value of the content we provide and how they can best use it with their students.