This project involves a collaboration between Weiming Education Group and Project Zero designed to familiarize teachers in four schools within the network with frameworks and tools to teach for global competence developed at Project Zero. Such frameworks and tools are designed to enhance students’ understanding of the world and nurture global thinking dispositions that are essential to succeed in school and college, as well as in increasingly global workplaces.  
Working closely with teachers and academic coordinators in schools in Guangzhou, GuiYang, Qingdao and  Shenzhen, our project seeks:  (a) to advance participating Weiming teacher’s practical capacity to teach for global competence through the use of global thinking routines; and  (b) to understand how global thinking routines employed at the intersection of Chinese and Western pedagogical traditions contribute to teachers’ capacity to teach for global competence and to the development of students’ global competence.
Our team includes Jessica Li, Maggie Lin, Christine Zhang, Thomas Zhang and Devon Wilson.

Project Info

FUNDERS: Weiming Education Group, Hong Kong