Megina Baker is a researcher on the Pedagogy of Play project, and is also a doctoral candidate at Boston College, where she studies early childhood education, bilingualism, and teacher education.  Megina has over ten years of experience as a teacher of young children, both in the United States and in Sweden.  A graduate of Tufts University and Cornell University, her primary experience is as a practitioner in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms.  At Boston University, Baker mentored student teachers in the Early Childhood program, and instructed on the topic of preschool curriculum, taking an approach that integrated inquiry-based learning, creativity, and documentation.   She was also a member and facilitator of the Making Learning Visible (Phase IV) group, at Project Zero, and is a current member of the Democracy Inquiry Group situated at Wheelock College.  Recently, Megina collaborated with Ben Mardell in writing a new integrated, play-based curriculum for the Boston Public Schools kindergarten program called Focus on K2.