Amber Kamilah is an educator, artist and passionate agent for change. Amber worked in strategic planning consulting, marketing and graphic design before answering a call to study the mind in the Mind, Brain and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is most interested in exploring how an understanding of change at the individual level can inspire dynamic individual- and systemic-level transformation. She believes that art provides an accessible, powerful, and provocative way for people to engage with complex ideas. Amber has been a member of the PZ community since Tina Grotzer opened the door to her lab in 2013. Amber first served as Tina’s research assistant then as a member of her teaching team for Applying Cognitive Science to Learning and Teaching for five semesters. In 2016, Amber co-led an inquiry into the ways antiracism and classism appeared in various aspects of PZ’s work, and in 2017 worked alongside Carrie James and Edward P. Clapp to deliver a more critically conscious version of the PZ survey course Thinking and Learning Today and Tomorrow: Project Zero Perspectives. Amber was previously the Outreach and Development Coordinator on the PZ Reach team and the Education Coordinator for the Project Zero Classroom. Currently, Amber is the Senior Manager on the Leadership Education and Playful Pedagogy project (LEaPP). Amber has designed and facilitated programs for youth, young adults and women in Boston and Atlanta on a range of topics, including spiritual fulfillment, liberation, communication, biases, and social justice. Amber enjoys walking miles after a richly flavored plant-based meal, possessing #blackgirlmagic, forest bathing, and being free.