Where can I find materials developed by Project Zero that I can use in my classroom or workplace?

There are many ways to access resources on this PZ website.  To go directly to the search page, click here.  The search function allows viewers to narrow the information they are seeking by type of resource (e.g. book, video, tool), by topic, by person and by age group.  Each of the project pages offer a set of resources at the bottom of the page.   There are 16 topic pages so viewers can explore by areas of interest.

Can I take courses in-person at Project Zero?

Project Zero is a research center and does not offer courses.  Some Project Zero researchers teach credit-bearing courses in the degree programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE).  For more information about admission to HGSE programs, please visit the admissions page on the HGSE website.  Project Zero hosts 4 professional education institutes throughout the year, two in the summer in collaboration with HGSE’s Programs in Professional Development and two during the academic year (October and April/May) in collaboration with CASIE.   These institutes vary in length from 2 ½ days to 5 days and provide introductions to core PZ frameworks and opportunities to explore ways to deepen student engagement; encourage learners to think critically and creatively; and make learning and thinking visible.  Participants completing these programs are awarded certificates that state the time spent in the course. 

Can I take courses online to learn about Project Zero ideas?

Project Zero partners with HGSE’s Programs in Professional Development to offer a suite of 8 courses which explore PZ frameworks and conceptual ideas.  In February 2016, PZ will launch 4 new courses.  Courses are 12-weeks long and begin in February, May and September.  For more information, click here.  These courses are not eligible for college credit, but certificates are awarded to participants upon completion of the program.

Are Project Zero researchers able to come to my organization and provide consultation?

Project Zero researchers are generally not available for consultation beyond the four institutes in which they teach each year.  If you are interested in working with a specific researcher at your school or organization, please use the directory on our site or the Harvard Graduate School of Education site and contact them directly with your request.

How can I learn about any available jobs at Project Zero?

Available positions at Project Zero would be listed on Harvard University’s (HU) employment site, Aspire.  Part-time student research positions are posted most often on HU’s student employment site, SEO.