The genesis of the January staff meeting
While there are numerous opportunities for adults to gather at ISB, such as weekly grade-level team meetings and informal conversations, whole-school meetings occur only six times a year. These meetings, which take place in the evenings, involve a significant expenditure of time and resources. All 80 school employees – from teachers and administrators to cooks and janitors – participate. Per Danish law, staff is paid overtime at one and a half times regular salary for their attendance.
Head of School Camilla Fog feels that these meetings are an important part of the school culture. At the start of the school year she outlines the topics for each staff meeting. Camilla begins planning for the January meeting in mid-December, creating a preliminary agenda and getting feedback from her leadership team colleagues Sue Oates and Kathy Bilgrav. Reviewing the plans, Camilla worries that the update about the budget is “so boring.” She consults the indicators of playful learning to consider how to include more choice, delight and wonder in the meeting.
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