Resource Summary

Cultures of Thinking in Action, takes the next step in helping readers not only understand how a culture of thinking looks and feels, but also how to create it for themselves and their learners. Arguing that no set of practices or techniques alone is sufficient to create a culture of thinking in and of itself, Ritchhart explores the underlying beliefs that motivate the creation of cultures of thinking, presenting key mindsets every educator and leader needs to embrace if they are serious about creating powerful thinkers and learners.

Much more than just an instructional guide, Cultures of Thinking in Action offers readers a reflective journey into their own teaching, leading, and parenting while providing the foundation and concrete strategies needed to create and develop a culture of thinking for all learners. Ritchhart designed and is teaching a 4-week mini-course to help educators engage with the key ideas of the book and build their own capacity to move this work forward in their classrooms and learning settings: October 16 - November 12. Learn more and register here.

This book:

  • Includes the latest research of the Cultures of Thinking Project
  • Includes questions, exercises, and discussion prompts to inspire reflection by individuals and teams
  • Provides case studies and best practice scenarios
  • Provides useful data collection tools to inform one’s teaching practice

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