With generous support from the Saul Zaentz Foundation and many individual donations honoring Project Zero’s 50th anniversary, PZ is able to offer professional learning scholarships to support a range of schools, districts, and organizations, as well as a diverse group of educators. These scholarships aim to support educators working in under-resourced contexts and/or with historically marginalized students. A limited number of scholarships are available for eligible educators to participate in the PZC on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • PZC scholarship awards will cover 30-50% of the program tuition.
  • Scholarship funds are applicable to program tuition only and cannot be used to support travel or other expenses associated with attending or participating in the PZC.
  • Scholarship applicants may apply as groups (of up to 6 people) or as individuals. Groups only complete one application on behalf of all team members. While a school/organization may register up to 10 educators for PZC, scholarship funding is limited to a maximum of 6 participants per school/organization. (Due to limited availability of funding, some schools/organizations may be awarded scholarships for fewer participant spots than requested, in which case they will have approximately three business days to decide whether to accept the scholarship award.)

Before applying, please note the scholarship eligibility guidelines:

  • In the United States, public school educators working in schools with a free and reduced lunch rate of 30% or more OR educators working primarily with students who attend these schools. (Note: At the present time, we cannot offer PZC scholarships to educators outside the US. Scholarships for other PZ offerings, including online courses, are available to educators outside the US.)
  • Educators must work directly with students in a classroom setting on a daily basis, and/or serve as leaders and/or administrators in schools or other organizations that enroll students in classroom settings on a daily basis.


  • If you register/pay before applying for the scholarship, you will not be eligible to submit a scholarship application.
  • Documentation to support that the applicant meets the criteria for the scholarship is required at the time of application submission.

A brief Pre-Registration Form must be completed to access the PZC registration site and Scholarship Application Form. Within two business days after your Pre-Registration Form is submitted, we will send you an email from pzlearn@gse.harvard.edu with links to access the PZC registration site and Scholarship Application Form.

The PZC scholarship application has a rolling deadline. The last date to submit a scholarship application is Friday, January 19, 2024, 11:59 pm Boston time. With a rolling deadline and limited scholarship funds, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Once you have submitted the Scholarship Application Form, you will receive an email from PZ confirming receipt of your application. All scholarship decisions will be sent via email within 10 business days of a completed submission. (Project Zero is closed November 23-24, and between December 21 and January 2. If you have submitted the Scholarship Application Form during these dates, please anticipate a delay in our response due to the closure.)

Group Applicants Only: If you are applying to the program as part of a group, only one MAIN scholarship application is required on behalf of your group. The lead applicant for your group should select that they are filling this form out “on behalf of a group”; they will have some extra questions to fill out regarding your organization’s eligibility. However, EVERY member of a group applying for a scholarship must still complete a shortened version of this form by indicating that they are filling this form out “as an individual member of a group.” (The lead applicant will be given a link to distribute to all group members.) This version of the form includes demographic information and a short-answer section (maximum 250 words) about the intended impact of each individual’s participation in the 2024 PZC. The lead applicant will receive an email each time an individual member completes the form. Your scholarship application will only be considered complete when ALL individuals within the group fill out the form. The lead applicant is responsible for coordinating individual group members’ responses; PZ is not able to follow-up on incomplete applications.

If participants are awarded a scholarship, 2-3 months after the conclusion of the institute they may be asked to complete a short, open-response survey to describe the impact of the PZC on their learning and work. In accepting a scholarship, participants agree to respond to this survey within three weeks of receiving it.

Questions about the scholarship process should be directed to pzlearn@gse.harvard.edu with the subject line “PZC scholarship question.”