The Good Project promotes excellence, engagement, and ethics in education, preparing students to become good workers and good citizens who contribute to the overall well-being of society. Through our research-based concepts, frameworks, and resources, we seek to help students reflect upon the ethical dilemmas that arise in everyday life and give them the tools to make thoughtful decisions. Over the past twenty years, the Good Project has investigated realms such as work, civic participation, organizational collaboration, conceptions of quality, higher education, and the use of digital media amongst youth. From this research, we have designed a range of materials, including curricula, courses, and a large number of publications, which have garnered a modest following. With an award from the Dean’s Venture Fund, we are currently pursuing avenues to spread our messages and instruments to a larger audience of educators and students through collaborations with complementary organizations, reformatting of existing resources, and other strategies. 

Project Info

Funder: The Dean’s Ventures Fund at HGSE