Leading Learning that Matters (LLtM) is a multi-year collaboration with Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), Australia, to explore and document effective practices for leading learning that matters for our contemporary world. The project began in 2013 with an initial cohort of experienced independent school principals from a variety of cultural, urban, and rural K-12 contexts in the state of Victoria and has continued with additional cohorts. The principals work with researchers from Project Zero to identify leadership practices necessary for planning and implementing school innovations for 21st century learning. The collaboration has resulted in innovations in classroom and leadership practices in participating schools, and has impacted the communities the principals work in. It also established and continues to sustain a vibrant learning community of experienced principals, who work with the research team to explore how insights and images of practice for 21st century learning and leadership might speak beyond the membership of ISV to inspire schools around the globe. This work is supported through residential workshops with local and international experts, an international study tour including a customized seminar at Harvard University, site visits and meetings with international business leaders, and ongoing support from both the Harvard team and Independent Schools Victoria. Key findings from this project have been synthesized in the book Leading Learning that Matters – A Leadership Process to Rethink What’s Taught and How for Today’s World – published in 2021. The book shares several narrative case studies from schools that have undertaken LLtM, sketching the visions they pursued and how the process unfolded; key aspects of organizing and leading the LLtM process; and tools and tips for building and refining visions for learning that matters in ways suited to the institution, as well as strategies for organizing the LLtM initiative and tracking its progress.  

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