Event Details

From July 22 to 26, 2019, Project Zero will host its annual week-long institute, “The Project Zero Classroom.” In the company of PZ researchers and experienced educators from around the world, participants open up the questions at the heart of teaching and learning: What kinds of learning experiences and assessment practices will best prepare students for the demands of an unpredictable, ever-shifting future? How does understanding develop? How do we nurture critical and creative thinking? How do we ensure that all our students are learning? The institute features frameworks and tools developed through Project Zero’s research, offering educators the opportunity to learn how these frameworks have been implemented and adapted in a variety of contexts, across grade levels and disciplines, to deepen student engagement, support learners in thinking critically and creatively, and make student learning and thinking visible. Participants engage in analyzing their current teaching and assessment practices and develop new approaches to planning and instruction that respond to the diverse ways in which their students engage and learn. 

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