Event Details

In this two-session workshop, participants will be introduced to emergent work from Out of Eden Learn, a research project and online learning program that connects young people from around the world to share stories and engage in thoughtful dialogue with one another. The workshop will focus on the Three O’s: overgeneralization,  overconfidence, and othering—a framework that supports students to thoughtfully interpret and navigate the world and to avoid common pitfalls when engaging with difference, such as making assumptions, stereotyping, or viewing one’s own culture or perspective as the norm. In session one, participants will be introduced to the framework. Then, through a close examination of student work, they will consider how the Three O’s might help students to make sense of the world and engage in thoughtful dialogue across differences, both online and in person. In the second session, participants will have looked for evidence of the Three O’s in their own lives and will consider the implications for—and applications of—the Three O’s in their own teaching and learning contexts. Participants will exchange ideas and explore new tools to support this timely work. The workshop is intended for educators of elementary, middle, and high school-age students, as well as adult learners.