Event Details

The Learning Innovations Laboratory will be celebrating its 10th Annual Summit on June 7th 2016 in Cambridge, MA. This is an opportunity for Chief Learning, Talent and Innovation Officers to come together to explore potential next practices for their organizations.  The three keynote speakers at the LILA Summit will be Marianne Lewis (Dean of Cass School of Business), Tima Bansal (professor at the Ivey Business School) and Bob Kegan (Harvard)  as well as small group discussions led by distinguished professors and practitioners  Deborah Ancona  (MIT), Maurizio Zollo (Buconni Univeristy) and Ethan Bernstein (Harvard) with John Bunch (Zappos).

This year,  we have been exploring the theme of Managing Complexity: Navigating Strategic Paradoxes in Organizations.   Today’s work environments are complex, and conditions of ambiguity, uncertainty, conflicting goals, contradictory messages, and competing perspectives can create barriers to effective performance. We are asked to take a long-term view and yet make short-term decisions that increase profits.  We are asked to learn new things and yet perform at highest levels.  We need to innovate but also operate in predictable ways.  We oscillate between centralized and decentralized operational structures.  We tightly organize work for control but want people to show initiative and self-organize.  We encourage collective identity and yet reward individual achievements.
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