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What constitutes deep, relevant, and engaging learning for our dynamic 21st century? How can we create learning environments that prepare our youth effectively for the world? As we examine the shifting terrain of education today, it becomes essential to reflect on the purpose of education in our times and to respond to the complex social and technological developments shaping lives What matters most to learn in a world of growing diversity and global interdependence? How can our teaching and learning practices maximize the promise of the digital revolution while mitigating its risks? How can we create powerful experiences that draw on mind/brain research to promote deep and long-lasting learning for all?  What is our role as responsible professionals in education in the early 21st century?

Project Zero’s Future of Learning institute, features research, frameworks, and tools that enable you to understand how learning is changing and to create informed and relevant innovations in response. As a participant you will interact directly with leading scholars and colleagues from around the world to explore three forces shaping life and learning: our growing understanding of the mind/brain, the digital revolution, and globalization. You will participate in reflective seminars or design studios to learn to promote learning that embodies flexible expert thinking, creative and human-centered design, effective collaboration, intercultural understanding, environmental stewardship, informed global media participation, digital ethics, the integration of emotion, and cognition and learning that is informed by our growing understanding of the mind/brain. Ultimately, as a result of the institute you will increase your capacity to prepare learners, including yourself, to live informed, creative, ethical, and reflective lives in rapidly changing environments.