Justis Lopez (also known as DJ Faro) is the founder and Chief Enthusiasm Officer (CEO) of Just Experience LLC, an organization that strives to educate, entertain, and empower communities across the world. As a community organizer he focuses on ways to create spaces of radical joy, justice, & healing through Hip-Hop and the arts. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Harvard in Educational Leadership, and recently completed his master’s degree in Education Entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania where he focused on creating Joy Labs with Project Happyvism. Before this role he served as the director of alumni affairs at the Council For Opportunity in Education in Washington D.C assisting with community outreach for the national federal TRIO programs. He began his career as a high school social studies teacher in his hometown of Manchester, CT and has served as a middle school and high school teacher in the Bronx, NY. When Justis isn’t teaching he can be found DJing or dancing down the street. He enjoys long hikes, funfetti cupcakes, and long walks on the beach.