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The Participatory Creativity Guide for Educators debunks our outdated cultural understanding that some people are creative and others are not. Offering an embracing approach to creativity that encompasses invention and innovation, this practical guide reframes creativity as a mode of experience that all young people and adults have the opportunity to participate in.

Bringing the principles of participatory creativity into the classroom, this book helps educators reframe invention and innovation, democratize the creative process, and leverage the knowledge, skills, background experiences, and cultural perspectives that students bring with them every day. Key concepts are illustrated through rich vignettes and pictures of practice as chapters walk you through the what, why, and how of incorporating participatory creativity into your teaching and learning environment.

Designed for educators in a vast array of settings (including schools, community centers, museums, afterschool programs, and grandpa’s backyard workshop), this book is key reading for any educator looking to use creativity to strengthen and expand their teaching and learning.

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