• Tool

    Here Now / There Then

    Published: 2015
    A routine for considering presentist attitudes and judgements 1. Identify a controversial issue or fairness topic that has changed significantly over time and uncover student... Read more
  • Tool

    Core Learning Journey Curricula

    Published: 2014
    Out of Eden Learn is Project Zero’s unique online learning community designed to accompany Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk. Classes, after school programs, and young people... Read more
  • Article

    Art Works at Work: The Impact of Workplace Art

    Published: 2014
    This paper explores the impact that employees and board members of an organization believe the art in their workplace has on their experience at work and identifies the... Read more
  • Video

    The Color Investigation

    Published: 2014
    10 short videos by Melissa Rivard that track the development from start to finish of a Boston Public School preschool class's investigation into color, accompanied by a... Read more
  • Book

    Disconnected: Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap

    Published: 2014
    From the foreward: Fresh from a party, a teen posts a photo on Facebook of a friend drinking a beer. A college student repurposes an article from Wikipedia for a paper. A... Read more