The Good Project promotes excellence, engagement, and ethics in education, preparing students to become good workers and good citizens who contribute to the overall well-being of society. Through research-based concepts, frameworks, and resources, researchers seek to help students reflect upon the ethical dilemmas that arise in everyday life and give them the tools to make thoughtful decisions.
Founded as “The GoodWork Project” by psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, William Damon, and Howard Gardner in 1996, The Good Project has two decades of experience carrying out qualitative research and developing practical materials with an emphasis on topics including the meaning of good work, effective collaboration, digital citizenship, and civic participation. The Project’s frameworks and curricula have been used in a wide variety of classrooms and organizations, both within the US and abroad. The group is currently exploring how best to disseminate its messages and partner with like-minded initiatives in order to reach a greater number of students and educators.


The Good Work Toolkit

A resource from The Good Project
Doing things a new way is easy; we call this novelty. More challenging is a new way that gets accepted by others; we call this creativity. Even more challenging is a new way that is ethical & advances the human condition; we call this 'good work'
- Howard Gardner