• Agency by Design

    Exploring documentation and assessment strategies for maker-centered learning
  • Aligned Programs for the 21st Century

    aims to identify exemplary programs in higher education—courses, programs, and co-curricular activities—that bridge different perspectives among major stakeholders on college campuses.
  • Artful Thinking

    Focus on experiencing and appreciating art as a way to help students develop ways of thinking that support thoughtful learning.
  • Causal Learning Projects

    Investigating how our causal assumptions influence our understanding of the world and helping learners to reason about complexity
  • Children Are Citizens

    Helping young children gain a sense of citizenship to begin participating in democracy.
  • Creating Communities of Innovation

    Exploring educational innovations through networked inquiry.
  • Cultures of Thinking

    Improving learning and collaboration by honing group and individual thinking processes.
  • EcoLearn Projects

    Exploring the use of advanced immersive technologies to support learning about the complex causal dynamics of ecosystems
  • Engaging the Arts and Museums with the World in Mind

    Examining how a deliberate global engagement with artworks and objects in museums and classrooms might contribute to nurturing global competence among museum visitors—especially students and educators
  • Global Children

    Connecting teachers in the US and Japan to nurture global competence in early childhood
  • Globalizing the Classroom

    Collaborating with PZ to plan and implement educational outreach around the centers' research.
  • Higher Education in the 21st Century

    Studying today's college landscape to inform tomorrow's higher education.
  • Humanities & Liberal Arts Assessment (HULA)

    HULA identifies and illuminates the implicit internal logics of humanistic craft in order to develop appropriate tools to assess, evaluate, and further develop projects and pedagogy in the humanities.
  • Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

    Using multiple disciplines and perspectives to study today's global issues.
  • Leading Learning that Matters

    Exploring leadership practices to enhance 21st century lives.
  • Learning Innovations Laboratory

    Bringing together the leaders of organizational learning to develop a greater understanding of the field's current challenges.
  • Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn

    Helping schools create cultures of thinking and learning.
  • Making Learning Visible

    Creating strong learning cultures in schools using documentation as a tool to deepen and extend learning.
  • Multiple Intelligences

    Challenging the standard view of intelligence.
  • Out of Eden Learn

    Exploring our neighborhoods, exploring our world.
  • Pedagogy of Play

    Cultivating school cultures that value and support learning through play
  • PZ Connect

    PZ Connect is a collaboration between Project Zero and Independent Schools of Victoria (Australia).

    Bringing educators together to assess and discuss issues in education.
  • Signature Pedagogies in Global Education

    Examining how exemplary teachers design signature learning experiences
  • Talking with Artists Who Teach

    Understanding how teaching impacts artists' work and how their art impacts teaching.
  • Teaching for Understanding

    Designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment that nurtures deep and lasting understanding for students.
  • The Family Dinner Project

    Teaching families the value of meaningful mealtime interaction.
  • The Good Play Project

    Exploring how young people navigate the positive opportunities and ethical challenges of digital life.
  • The Good Project

    An ensemble of research projects designed to understand the nature of various “goods” and to promote their realization in our time.
  • The World in DC

    Toward a new approach to locally-grounded global competence education
  • Visible Thinking

    At the core of Visible Thinking are practices that help make thinking visible: Thinking Routines loosely guide learners' thought processes and encourage active processing.
  • Youth and Participatory Politics

    Exploring young people’s use of digital media for civic participation.