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Ben Mardell and PZ’s Children Are Citizens project invite you to join a conversation with early childhood education researcher Julia Rodríguez Carrillo as she shares a bit about the University of Córdoba’s new educational initiative, “Córdoba through Children’s Eyes.”  This session will take place on Tuesday, March 20 from 3:30pm-5:00pm in the Half-Nelson conference room (#419) at Project Zero, (13 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA). 
Kindly RSVP to Ben at benjamin_mardell@harvard.edu if you plan to attend.
Please read on for more information about this session.
Children are Citizens in Córdoba (Spain)
RIECU Network (Faculty of Education, University of Córdoba) is a practice community, integrating Early Childhood Education teachers, advisors and researchers. Its aspiration is to bring together educational theory and practice, advocating for children’s rights, and to achieve a transformative and life-long lasting learning for all (children, teachers and community).
The RIECU Network recently has started the ‘Córdoba through Children’s Eyes’ project, which is an education for citizenship experience, aiming to reevaluate the educational wealth of our city’s historical-cultural heritage, and to place children as today’s citizens, who hold a powerful message to tell for the improvement of the place where we all live. In this discussion, doctoral student Julia Rodríguez Carrillo will share highlights of the Project.