Letter from the Director

It is my pleasure to share the Project Zero (PZ) Annual Report for FY2016 (July 2015 – June 2016).  Its aim is to share top-level updates and information about the progress of PZ with a wide audience of researchers, educators, and funders.  

Founded at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1967, PZ began investigating aspects of cognitive processing in the arts. Insights gained from these seminal studies led the center to expand its focus to include broader aspects of human potential such as intelligence, learning, critical thinking, and creativity. PZ continues to build on its rich tradition of work by posing fundamental questions of human potential as they relate to contemporary issues facing an array of educational settings, such as schools, families, museums, and businesses.  

As PZ looks to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2017 – an unprecedented span at Harvard University for a research center that depends solely on grants and contracts – I hope this document gives you a glimpse into how PZ continues to be a vibrant center for research and catalyst for change in the field of education.