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How might we make visible the ways injustices are designed? How might we encourage young people to disrupt patterns of power that perpetuate and systematize oppression and injustices? How might we support them to become sensitive to the design of their participation so they may envision ways to participate more, better, or differently? Developed with educators across Washington, D.C., the JusticexDesign (JxD) framework fosters liberatory learning experiences through practical, hands-on pedagogies that foreground maker-centered learning and ignite the redistribution of voice and authority in a learning space. The JxD framework encourages young people to build a critical sensitivity to design, or, in other words, a sensitivity to designed injustices.  In this workshop, participants will engage with JxD protocols, learn about the JxD framework, and explore connections between workshop content and their own teaching contexts. The workshop is designed for educators working with all ages of learners and will provide classroom resources to do this work with students.