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When we want to improve education, we often focus on changing the curriculum without paying much attention to how that curriculum is enacted or carried out by teachers and students together. However, teachers have the power to improve or enhance the learning experience in their classrooms by reflecting on and shifting their practices.  As language teachers, we might wonder, which shifts can we make that will truly enhance, or maybe even transform, language learning for our students? In this virtual workshop, we will explore Project Zero’s Visible Thinking framework, and specifically the use of PZ thinking routines as approaches to enhancing teacher practice that might shift the culture of our world language classrooms to one that is more student-centered, inquiry-based and responsive.  We will discover how focusing on the kinds of thinking to which we aspire in students - and identifying thinking routines that leverage those skills - can engage our students in meaningful learning opportunities that not only introduce and practice new vocabulary and language patterns but also develop a deeper understanding of language and culture. We will also discuss how the use of thinking routines can make our students’ thinking visible so that we as teachers can better perceive what they know and understand, adjusting our teaching accordingly.  This workshop is an introduction to teaching routines for teachers of any language, working with elementary, secondary or adult learners at any level, but especially at the advance beginner (A2) to native speaking level.