What does innovation in education look like? How does innovation in education take shape differently across a variety of teaching and learning environments? What is the relationship between inquiry and innovation?What might it mean to lead for innovation?

Based on the work of a cohort of educators and school leaders representing a diverse array of teaching and learning environments, Envisioning Innovation in Education—Hong Kong: Experiments in Teaching and Learning explores these questions by offering a window into the process of inquiry-driven innovation within the context of the Hong Kong educational landscape. Grounded in the work of the Envisioning Innovation in Education project, a multi-year collaborative inquiry conducted by Project Zero—a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the United States—and funded by the CATALYST Education Lab in Hong Kong, this new book for educators and school leaders includes in depth pictures of practice that highlight school-based inquiry and innovation projects, lessons learned along the way, and a host of teacher-tested tools and resources designed to support the process of envisioning and inquiring about innovation. Whether in Hong Kong, Havana, or Houston, Envisioning Innovation in Education—Hong Kong is sure to offer tools, strategies, and resources that will be immediately applicable to educators and school leaders interested in the process of positive change for themselves, their colleagues, and their students.