Kathryn Webber is a part of the research team studying Higher Education in the 21st Century.  Kathryn brings her background in post-secondary education to the project having completed her doctorate in Postcolonial Theory and Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University of California, Riverside. At UC Riverside, Kathryn taught in an economically- and racially-diverse context which has informed her perspectives on access to higher education, the role of mentorship, teaching students with a wide range of abilities, and the importance of serving the whole student both inside and outside of the classroom. Her experiences in higher education have also given insight into the changing roles of faculty as the academy shifts from a tenured professoriate to a largely adjunct workforce. The Higher Education in the 21st Century project provides an exciting opportunity for her to aid in building the future of the university and in bridging the gaps between faculty and student perspectives.