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In October 2018, join educators from around the world for a Project Zero Perspectives conference in Pamplona, Spain. With the theme Understanding for a Complex World, we will explore the following questions: 
  • In today’s changing and increasingly complex world, what skills and knowledge must students understand? 
  • How can schools best support learners to become good citizens, thinkers, and innovators? 
  • How can these goals and approaches fit within national and international needs for standardized testing and curricula?
This two-day conference will offer plenaries and interactive courses that explore these questions and offer pedagogical tools, strategies, and frameworks developed by researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero.  The conference will specifically highlight research and practices that address one or more of the following strands:
Teaching for Understanding: What is understanding and how does it develop? What is important to learn today that will prepare us for an unknown future? How do we focus instruction and assessment on deep understanding of the topics we most want our students to learn?
Understanding for Global Competence: How can we develop the skills for learners to thrive as global participants in today’s world? How can they learn to engage in cultural differences and develop perspective taking?  How do we as educators deepen our own global competence in working with students from diverse backgrounds?
Thinking with Complexity: How do we develop student’s dispositions to think about and with complexity?  What teaching and assessment practices support students’ capacity to understand complex relationships and engage in complex reasoning?
Learning Environments: What are the qualities of spaces and settings that support deep understanding, playful learning, and thinking? How can teachers and school leaders effectively design formal and informal environments to support their goals?

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