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We invite you to attend the upcoming 12th Annual Summit for Harvard’s Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA).  The Summit is the culmination of our yearlong exploration of the theme of Emergence in Organizations: Sensing the Future as it Unfolds.  The Summit will be held on June 5th in Cambridge, MA and will include two keynote presentations and several small group sessions led by past LILA faculty.  The Summit is an opportunity to interact with current LILA members as well as past faculty and members.  The tentative agenda is attached.  To register for the 12th Annual LILA Summit click HERE.

During the year, the LILA community has explored organizational practices that build in nimble ways of engaging with crises and opportunities.  In such organizations, work structures, relationships, and workflows get continually (re)constructed in sensitive near-real-time reaction to emerging problems and opportunities. Of course, these emergent states need some connection to enduring features to function well. The emergent parts of the organization operate within a containing framework of broad goals, purpose, and protocols for reconfiguration, and possibly some conventional divisions for standard and stable functions. These active tensions between enduring and emergent features, between planned and emergent purposes, and between practices that ensure stability and those that invite emergence shape how organizations evolve and adaptive cultures unfold.   The Summit will be a time to reflect on what we have learned and explore questions such as what is emergence and how does it differ from other forms of change?  What shifts in knowledge and mindset are needed to understand emergence as a viable and valuable part of the organizational change process?  What are the practices and protocols that enable the organization and its members to sense, learn, and recombine in order to engage with emergence?   We hope you will join us.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Wendy Smith’s (Alfred Lerner School of Business, University of Delaware) research focuses on strategic paradoxes – how leaders and senior teams effectively respond to contradictory agendas. She studies how organizations and their leaders simultaneously explore new possibilities while exploiting existing competencies, and how social enterprises simultaneously attend to social missions and financial goals. Her research has been widely published, and she was awarded the Lerner College Outstanding Scholar Award in 2015.

Wendy teaches leadership, organizational behavior and business ethics. She has taught at University of Delaware, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania – Wharton. Wendy was awarded the University of Delaware MBA Teaching Award in 2016.  Wendy has also taught executive and senior leadership teams how to manage interpersonal dynamics, emotional intelligence, high performing teams, organizational change and innovation, managing in times of crisis, and managing strategic paradoxes. She facilitated senior leadership teams at the Harvard Business School Executive Education program. She has also worked with senior teams at organizations such as American Automobile Association (AAA), Wilmington Trust, DHL and IBM.

Marina Gorbis (Executive Director,  Institute for the Future) is a futurist and social scientist who serves as executive director to the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a Silicon Valley nonprofit research and consulting organization. In her 19 years with IFTF, Marina has brought a futures perspective to hundreds of organizations in business, education, government and philanthropy to improve innovation capacity, develop strategies, and design new products and services.

Marina’s current research focuses on how social production is changing the face of major industries, a topic explored in detail in her book, The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World . She has also blogged and written for BoingBoing.net, FastCompany, Harvard Business Review, and major media outlets. A native of Odessa, Ukraine, yet equally at home in Silicon Valley, Europe, India, and Kazakhstan, Marina is particularly well suited to see things from a global viewpoint. She has keynoted such international events as The Next Web Conference, NEXT Berlin, the World Business Forum, the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges annual conference. She holds a BA in psychology and a Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you prior to the Summit to provide you with additional information about what we have learned so far and answer any questions you might have about LILA.  To register for the 12th Annual LILA Summit click HERE



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