The story of PZ’s influences in arts & education is at the core of the story of PZ itself. The role of the arts in education and the nature of learning in and through the arts – from PZ’s conception to current-day projects, including Arts Propel, Artful Thinking, collaborations with the Silk Road Ensemble, and more – have been central to PZ’s research. Participants in this session will examine questions at the core of this work and explore how the foundations of PZ’s arts-centered research may influence its future.


  • How can encounters with works of art help us discover and articulate compelling questions?
  • What questions catalyzed major strands of research at Project Zero over the last 50 years?
  • What questions inspire us as learners, teachers, artists, and researchers—and how might we pursue them, artistically or otherwise?


  • Curiosity and questions are linked to the human needs to survive and to make meaning. Indeed, they are the genesis of all learning.
  • Works of art are designed to engage people in consideration of the deep complexities of human experience. They have the power to provoke curiosity and the desire to come to deeper understandings.
  • The work of artists is to inquire and explore through making. In a sense, they make their learning visible in their products. In turn, their works catalyze curiosity and inquiry in others. Cycles of inquiry, research, and learning are inherent in all serious artistic experiences.

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